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If you would like to register and submit a deposit through the mail, the student registration form will be required to successfully register each student. Also, each student/student's parent will need complete additional paperwork that is not available online on the morning of the first day of class. Please remember to bring a copy of the enrolling student's birth certificate or state identification card and a copy of one of the parent's driver's license, if the student is a minor. If you are unable to make copies prior to the first day of class then we can create copies before the class starts. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at Help@RoadScholarsDriving.com.


Click --> Student Registration Form (18+)

Click --> Student Registration Form (Minor)

For complete terms and conditions for our courses offered, please click HERE.


The registration form can be emailed or mailed to us at any time prior to the start of class. For those who decide not to forward the registration form in advance to our office, please print and bring with you for the first day of class to save on time during the paperwork process. For classes with a large enrollment, Road Scholars: Institute of Driving may contact you in advance to arrange an appointment to have the paperwork completed prior to the first day of class.




(This is for current learner's permit holders or applicants who are at least 17 years of age who are bypassing a learner's permit.) 

For those who are in need of the road skills test, we have attached the parental forms that a parent must sign in order to give us permission for all minor applicants. If the applicant's parent are no longer married, then we will need only the domiciliary parent to sign. For parent's who are unable to be present and wish to have a relative accompany the applicant to our office for the test, the forms must accompany a copy of the domiciliary parent's driver's license.


Click --> Road Skills Application

Click --> Road Skills State Terms

For complete terms and conditions for the Third Party Road Skills Test, please click HERE.




For those who were listed with having one of the following conditions below on the student registration form, a medical examination form will be required BEFORE the behind the wheel portion can begin. The medical examination form can be emailed to our office by the physician or can be surrendered on the day the behind the wheel driving is scheduled to occur.


A medical examination form is required for the following:

  • Any student that may have any medical conditions that would pose a concern with the student’s behind-the-wheel instruction (epilepsy, asthma, color blindness, hearing loss, etc.)
  • Any student that has any mental or physical impairment which could affect his/her ability to drive a motor vehicle safely.
  • Any student who has experienced unconsciousness other than normal sleep.


Click --> Medical Examination Form

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