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How do I reserve a place in the Driver Education class or Defensive Driving class?

  1. Check our schedule and select a class date.
  2. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">Help@RoadScholarsDriving.com with the students name, phone number, and class date requested.
  3. You will be notified if the class is full. We will place you on the enrollment list; however, we cannot hold a place for you until a deposit or full payment is made in person or online via PayPal.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and checks ONLY at our location, but all major credit cards can be processed online through our automatic PayPal checkout system.

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How is Road Scholars different from any other driving school?

At our school, we update our curriculum to reflect any new changes that pass through the legislation. Also, we go above and beyond to create activities that are educational as well as engaging, using innovate technology and equipment.

How is the behind-the-wheel driving for each student conducted?

After each student has successfully completed the classroom portion of the course and has passed the exam, he or she will be scheduled for one-on-one driving sessions.

Some driving schools perform group sessions, is this practical?

By law, no more than two students can be in the vehicle at the same time, when with an instructor. Some driving schools, including those provided through high schools, put more than two teenagers in the car and alternate during the session. Because of this, the student drivers are not being driven for their full eight hours.

Is there a delay time to begin the driving at Road Scholars Institute of Driving?

Every driving school is going to have some sort of delay time. However, unlike many driving schools who try to fill each class to their maximum capacity, we try to keep the student-to-instructor ratio relatively low to avoid driving delays.

What if our child has a chaotic schedule due to school and work?

Our goal is not only to provide students with an exceptional and engaging learning experience, but also to accommodate in every way possible. We work closely with each student’s schedule and, unlike other driving schools, we will never ask a student to miss school in order to complete the driving sessions.

What documentation do I need for an instruction permit?

On the first day of class, we advise parents to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class to turn in the proper documentation required for an instruction permit (copy of the birth certificate, copy of a parent's driver's license, and other forms we provide)


Do you accept walk-in registrations?

Walk-in registrations are welcomed on the morning or day of class, but we cannot guarantee that a spot will be available.


Who will teach the Driver Education Course?

At Road Scholars: Institute of Driving, we focus on reliability and excellence. The courses offered by us are taught by professionally certified, state of Louisiana approved instructors. Each instructor is experienced and has undergone extensive training in various levels of driver’s education. 


How soon after completing the classroom portion of the 38 Hour Course can I expect my child to begin driving?

Our instructors strive to work as fast as possible so that an extended wait period is avoided. We work closely with each family’s schedule. Inclement weather delays our drivers. In order to maintain an affordable, cost effective price for each student and his or her family, the wait time can take as long as a few months. The summer along with holidays are considered the busy season so we encourage families to consider the wait during these times when enrolling.


What kind of vehicles will the students learn to drive on?

Road Scholars: Institute of Driving provides late-model sedans equipped with dual control brakes and an automatic transmission. The vehicles are setup with a dual brake system which provides student safety, and provides each instructor more opportunity to direct the students driving, which allows student drivers to learn more effectively.


Are students insured in case of an accident?

Road Scholars: Institute of Driving would like to make this process as easy and convenient for parents and their children as possible so we provide all of the necessary insurance for the student drivers, instructors, and each vehicle. The student is fully insured so it is not necessary to obtain any kind of motor vehicle insurance when registering with us.


How will the student arrive to class at Road Scholars Driving?

Each student is responsible for his or her own transportation to and from our location. After each student has successfully finished the 30 hour lecture, pick up and drop off arrangements will be made by the instructor for the 8 hour behind the wheel portion of the course.


Is there a discount on auto insurance?

Each student is given a certificate after completing the 14 or 38 hour course. Students may qualify for an auto insurance discount, but parents should contact their insurance agent to learn more. Road Scholars: Institute of Driving does not guarantee any discount for auto insurance after having completed a 14 or 38 hour course.


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