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THIRD PARTY ROAD TESTING: (examination of the driver's ability to safely operate and maneuver a vehicle in traffic) 


The State of Louisiana has allowed for driving schools to offer the Third-Party Road Skills Test for the purpose of issuing the state required road test. In order for any driving school to become certified, special training and rigorous requirements must be met. By offering this service, we are able to set up flexible appointments.



• The applicant must successfully complete the road skills test before issuance of a Class D or E driver’s license. This includes first-time applicants and applicants with learner permits.


• The applicant must use Road Scholars: Institute of Driving's vehicle for the road skills test as a safety precaution for both the applicant and the examiner.


 Road Scholars: Institute of Driving's cars are currently licensed, insured and have passed vehicle inspections by a motor vehicle examiner.


Applicants 17 years or above:

Once the applicant has completed the pre-licensing course, the road skills test can be conducted anytime after prior to visiting the OMV. While a student may be administered the road skills, he or she is not guaranteed to pass unless a score of at least 80% is obtained on the test.  

Applicants 16 years old:

The applicant can take their road skills test with the third party tester if he or she is at least 16 years of age and has held the learner's permit for a minimum of 180 days from the learner's permit's issue date. While a student may be administered the road skills, he or she is not guaranteed to pass unless a score of at least 80% is obtained on the test.  



  • Learner's Permit or the Certificate of Successful Completion from the driving school if student does not have Learner's Permit
  • Copy of one domiciliary parent driver's license (for minor applicants only)
  • Copy of the student's birth certificate OR state issued identification card (for students without a learner's permit)
  • Domiciliary parent (for minor applicants only)




All students who are 17 years of age and under must be enrolled in high school, home school or a G.E.D. program to be eligible for a learner’s permit or a driver’s license. Students will need to obtain an enrollment form from the school’s front office or from the guidance counselor and bring with them to the Office of Motor Vehicles when applying for a first time learner’s permit or driver’s license or when upgrading from a learner’s permit to a driver’s license. NO EXCEPTIONS! The enrollment form expires after 90 days from the day it is issued.


$40.00 CASH ONLY ($30.00 for the test and $10.00 for the rental of our vehicle)

$40.00 CASH ONLY (If the applicant does not pass the Road Test on the first attempt, we charge a $40.00 fee for any retest thereafter.)



UPDATE: The Road Skills Test is no longer offered with the OMV offices. The test will now have to be scheduled with us or any other tester of your choice as long as you have the proper credentials and satisfy the eligibility requirements.



Completion of any course at Road Scholars: Institute of Driving does not guarantee that a driver’s license will be issued to a student nor will this course count for any school or court credit. Students may qualify for a discount on auto insurance premiums; contact your agent for details. All payments, prices, specifications, options, and information are subject to change without notice.

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