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Class lectures will include traffic laws and regulations, signs, traffic lights, and markings, correct and safe driving procedures, emergencies, driving hazards including weather conditions, alcohol, drug abuse, motorcycle safety, interstate driving, and driving offenses. 


Worksheets will be administered after each chapter along with a comprehensive final exam on the last day of class. The final exam requires a passing score of at least 80%. Students who fail to achieve the required score will be able to arrange for additional classes or class period to retake the exam for an additional cash fee of $20.00 to cover the cost of the instructor. Certificates will be held until all fees are paidDriving is a privilege which should be taken very serious and students are urged to ask as many questions needed to fully understand any and all material. If a student has any sort of disability that should hinder them, please notify our office prior to enrolling.


Once a student has successfully completed his or her class along with successfully passing the final exam, the student will then be trained in a dual-brake training vehicle. Prior to a student beginning the driving portion, a parent or guardian must sign the Commercial School Instruction Permit. Students are scheduled in four two-hour blocks on different days and may be picked up by the instructor at their home, school, or workplace within a 10 mile radius. Students must ensure that they are at the agreed pickup location at the appointed time. It is entirely up to the instructor’s discretion on where the student will be picked up and dropped off.


No student will be given a certificate before completing these requirements.

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